Best Online Betting Forums

Enthusiastic online punters often explore betting forums that can help them secure their bets.They look for a site whose members are not only active but also knowledgeable on matters pertaining to online games. Such forums are so hard to trace with the thousands of betting forums available online. Our review outlines the top panels that you cannot regret using when betting.

Best Online Betting Forums

1) OLBG Forum

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OLBG forum is A known forum that aims at providing the bettor with relevant information when placing a bet. The panel that dates back in the 2000s aimed at creating a betting guide to create a community of bettors who are knowledgeable enough. The bettors who are wise in betting get a platform to extend their wisdom to others. OLBG covers more than twenty sports, thousands of events, and hundreds of leagues. With more than 5000 online punters using the platform, OLBG leads in the most advanced tipping competition worldwide. It has won 61,441 tipster competition prizes since its launch. Whether you like betting on football, netball, or any other game, OLBG is amongst the many forums that are reliable when betting.

2) Sportsbook Review (SBR) Forum

The sportsbook review forum serves the bettor with the most crucial information on betting. It evaluates the hundreds of online sportsbooks and sites to ensure that it feeds the bettor with the right information. Besides, the SBR site also provides the bettor with information on wagering pricing, customer services as well as the incentives on a particular site. On visiting the site, you are provided with the searchable archive for the past five years, sportsbook ratings, recommendations as well as daily reports. SBR forum is one of the best when planning to carry out your bet. It led the industry in 2003, which made a majority of bettors to join it. SBR forum is a forum that covers a vast array of games, from football to basketball. The conference is amongst the oldest forums. Its start dates back in the 90s.

3) BetFair Forum

Betfair is a forum most known when it comes to online betting. The panel was started by Edward Wray and Andrew black in the late 1990s and launched in the year 2000. as the word suggests, bet fair aimed at providing a good betting experience to the bettors. That is by making the process of setting lines for any sporting event bettors and not sportsbooks. The forum mostly operates as an exchange forum, which has paused a great challenge since its launch. However, bet fair has made a significant move making it a leading discussion on matters online gaming. It has a vast number of punters who have joined as they can give predictions accordingly. On top of that, the site is so informative on all games and more so the poker games.

4) Betting Advice Forum

Betting advice forum is probably one of the best if not the best forums on the internet. Betting advice forum started operating in the year 2001. It’s straightforward to use. Whether it’s a new member or an existing member, it has a wide variety of markets. That has made it grow gradually from one point to the other. The best advice forum has a good number of bookies in the forum. Among them is the bet 365 which offers prices on most European as well as American leagues too.

5) Punters Mate Online Betting Forum

It’s one of the most known betting fora that deal with matters of horse racing. Nonetheless, the betting forum also deals with a good number of games where the bettors receive the best tips. Football, golf as well as rugby are just but a few of the games you get ideas on. The forum has a significant number of punters who use it. Other than getting information, the conference has an archive of betting records and campaigns as well. You get a chance to mingle and chat with friends when using the panel on various topics as well.

6) One Football Forum

However, having a look at the best online betting forum is not enough. Several factors have to be put into consideration when choosing the best forum for you as a punter.

Factors That Determine the Best Forum for Punters.


Due to the availability of many betting forums, legality is a factor to be considered when looking for the best conference. Many forums operate without a license. That makes it give information that is not relevant to the punters without any fear. Doing small research about how original a site is, therefore, so crucial. Investigate the reputation of the forum online. The reviews from the customers who use the site are also a key factor of consideration as it gives you the truth about it. Avoid a forum with much negative track record and only go for that whose positives outweigh the negatives.


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After getting a legal forum you can use, it’s also so good to find out how suitable it is for you. Many punters have a different betting taste. Some will go for football while others will opt to place their bets on tennis. You need to choose a forum that best advises you in accordance to your needs. At times getting someone to guide you through a particular bet is as meaningful too. Several forums offer you platforms where you can discuss with other bettors on specific issues. Go for them if you need to.


Customer reviews are one of the ways a good forum is known. It’s always recommendable to choose a panel that has positive reviews from the customers. The more the positive reviews you get, the more credible the site is.

Wrap up

In conclusion, choosing the best online betting forum requires a lot of keenness. However, once you locate the best conference, you can quickly and assuredly place your bet without much worries of losing.